What does Brenda Brown offer as a Master NLP, Family Constellation Facilitator?

She has two main processes along with many tools that work on the emotional, spiritual and soul levels.

  • Timeline Clearing, NLP

  • Family Constellations

What is Timeline Clearing?

It is a process for getting to the root cause of disruptive emotions or beliefs that have became stored in unconscious mind. To release the unwanted or negative emotions, changing our behavior and helping us Respond more favourable to live’s challenges. Timeline clearing is a process addapted from a NLP process. Brenda has found it to be one of the most helpful process because it gives the most dramatic and lasting effects. Using this tool, along with other NLP tools, Brenda creates a safe and loving process that is uniquely effective and supportive for each person she works with.

With no judgment of what has happened in the past, she assist you in profound healing and understand of how the past having a directly affected on your current behaviour. You are then more easily able to change those behaviours so your Response arise from the Now moment. Eckhart Tolle “The power of the now” is truth and is what we all strive for. However, when we are triggered by an event, you are no longer Responding in the now; you are Reacting to old patterns and memories of the past, with out even be aware (unconscious). When we React we are being triggered by a serious of events that had happen to us in the past that are linked together. When multiple memories are linked together, they have more impact; more fuel that a single event, this is when we OverReact.

Consider road rage as an example of being triggered and OverReacting to a current event. Are you really as angry as you feel simply because this particular person cut you off? Timeline Therapy helps you Respond to events such as this in a more appropriate. We are not saying that is wrong to be angry or sad. Every situation can affect us in different ways and we want to be in the moment with an appropriate level of emotions. We also want to let it go of the emotional charge after the event is over. Letting go is much easier when the linked, or chain of past emotion memories have been released and clear.

For instance, when a loved one dies, we grieve over the loss for that person. Then when the next one we love dies, we are now able to grieve for the second person without thinking and grieving for the first person again. No matter how much time between the two deaths, if we have not cleared the sadness or grief, unconscious mind adds on to the chain of unresolved and unhealed memories (linking them) we’ve already been holding on to. Some of these memories are carry did not originate with us. Some emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt have been passed on to us through our family history from events that may be generations old and some are life times old. If you really want to live in the Now, then you want to clear the past, making room for the Now and future, creating a path of fresh and new experiences.

What is Family Constellations?

Simply put, a constellation is a process to look at hidden dynamics within a family in a three dimensional way. It can be a quick fix with a long term ripple effect. You may notice some changes or shifts almost immediately. Other changes may become apparent to you in time.

The Constellation works on clearing the environmental patterns of your family that one on one work (therapy) may not be able to do. Plus, You can assist in affecting change and healing within others in your family. Healing the Family Waters has been adapted from the work of Bert Hellingers Family Constellations.

Brenda’s role as a facilitator is to support people in making dynamic life changes, real and authentic changes. Brenda is offering a safe, sacred space encouraging and foster these live change. Change that is meant to happen, not forced to.

What is the process?

Through individual work with Timeline Clearing, you will have uncovered some emotional family dynamic that you want to work on using the Constellations. Your conscious knowledge of this issue is merely the tip of the iceberg.

At the beginning of the constellation, Brenda will ask you several questions about you, your family and facts from the past. Based on the conversation, it will be decided which “family” members will be called upon for help n the clearing work. You will select from the group of workshop participants, who becomes the stand in or vessel for various family members involved. It is important to note that one must “accept” the position you ask them to play. It cannot be forced.

Once your family members have been “Cast”, the three dimensional aspect of the process begins. Through what each person is intuitively feeling, sensing, knowing or seeing, the member of your family will take on different positions to find disruptions on the flow of love energy.

The goal is finding and clearing the traumas and situations that created the original pain in the family.

We are looking for were the energy gets blocked, working through the issues, decreasing the disruptive energy flow and release the old traumas to increase the flow. Brenda guides you and the group, towards balancing the energy and having the family reach its natural harmony. Once this harmonious balance is achieved spiritually, you will literally feel the shift, or changes begin. The energy and love within yourself and your family will flow differently that you ever previously experienced. It will flow in a more positive way. The way it was meant to flow!

It is noteworthy to point out that Timeline Clearing can be effective when done separately or in advance of a constellation. Timeline Clearing is a great “set up”, or “preparation”, “or ground work” for the constellation. The benefits on the constellation will be greater with the previous work done through Timeline Clearing. While they can be done independently, one definitely enhances the other.


C Johnson, May 20, 2010

The constellations have enabled me to participate in multi-generational healing and learning. They are an enlightening experience and revelation in spiritual, emotional and physical understanding. They are also a great way to make connections with like minded people. P.S. Brenda is a great ambassador for others on their learning and healing journeys.